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Allergy Advice


All ice creams contain dairy, very few contain egg. All our sorbets are dairy and egg free.


Nuts, Peanuts, Soy & Gluten

All Jack’s Gelato products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts, peanuts, soy (a minor ingredient in some of the chocolates we use) and gluten. We use nuts on a regular basis so whilst every care is taken that nuts do not come into contact with flavours that do not list nuts as an ingredient this can by no means be guaranteed. 


Sesame, eggs, sulphur, soy, lupin, celery and mustard are also used in the kitchen, on occasion. 

When scooping ice cream in the shop the scoop is rinsed between each scoop but it is not sterilised so there is the risk of cross-contamination between flavours. Our menu also changes extremely frequently (flavours often change multiple times a day) so whilst at one moment we may not have a peanut ice cream, for example, on the menu it is by no means a guarantee that we did not have one on thirty minutes ago or the day before so there is still a risk that trace elements could be present in other flavours. 

We also make ice cream in small batches and will make different flavours consecutively which is another point at which ingredients from one flavour may get mixed with another flavour.

With regards to gluten we have the cones in close proximity to the scooping cabinet and as such there could be traces of cone in any flavour at any time. 

IN SUMMARY: Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the absence of any allergens in any of our products.

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