Hibiscus & Lime Sorbet

Hibiscus & Lime Sorbet

  • Tasting Notes

    Hibiscus! One of the most beautiful colours in the world. The flavour is also a knock-out. Slight tart on the palete and with so many subtle notes. When we infuse the flowers we also zest a generous amount of limes. This lifts and compliments the hibiscus. We don't add any juice from the limes as we wish for the hibisucs to be the star of the show. The perfect summer sorbet.

  • Size

    All our flavours are hand-packed into 1 pint tubs.

  • Delivery

    We ship every Thursday for Friday delivery. Order deadline Tuesday 2pm.

    Minimum order is 4 pints and for this there is a £5 delivery charge.

    FREE Delivery on orders of 6 pints of more.