Mint Stracciatella

Mint Stracciatella

  • Tasting Notes

    The childhood classic but so much better. Vibrant peppermint balanced by superfine chooclate chips, black on white, no green colouring to ever be seen here. The chocolate comes from our friends at Pump Street and is bean to bar and is made in small batches in Suffolk, we think it is the best chocolate around (and we have been lucky enough to try a large proportion of the best chocolates in the world).

  • Size

    All our flabvours are hand-packed into 1 pint tubs.

  • Delivery

    We ship every Thursday for Friday delivery. Order deadline Tuesday 2pm.

    Minimum order is 4 pints and for this there is a £5 delivery charge.

    FREE Delivery on orders of 6 pints of more.